We’ve been operating with two compost bins in the front garden and adding a third compost bin this week. They’re dug down and levelled before filling. The bins on the left hold the “brown stuff”
- straw/manure from the chicken coop
- shredded paper
- torn up cardboard
One bucket of food scraps + one bucket of paper/cardboard + one bucket of straw on top. Continue layers to the top. Turn compost as it heats up. Ready in a few months to spread in our front garden right here or around our property as required.

shredded paper from work makes use of something that would go to landfill otherwise






We're part of ShareWaste ♻️
This means we accept the following from our neighbours/locals for feeding our chickens, worm farms and compost here in Kwinana.
๐Ÿ“ Map for other locations:
We accept:
✅ Fresh scraps i.e. fruit, vegetables, herbs. (chop up if possible)
✅ Citrus peels (separate to above)
✅ Used coffee grounds
✅ Used loose leaf tea (no tea bags)
✅ Egg shells
✅ Egg cartons
✅ Shredded paper
✅ Lawn clippings (no seeds)
✅ Thin cardboard i.e. cereal boxes
✅ Animal bedding i.e. straw/manure mixtures (no seeds)
✅ Clean dry glass jars with lids (no labels)
We do not accept:
❌ No meat
❌ No dairy
❌ No commercial / bulk drop off without checking prior
๐Ÿ™ Thank you for helping us to reduce waste! ๐Ÿ™
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