We're part of ShareWaste ♻️
This means we accept the following from our neighbours/locals for feeding our chickens, worm farms and compost here in Kwinana.
📍 Map for other locations:
We accept:
✅ Fresh scraps i.e. fruit, vegetables, herbs. (chop up if possible)
✅ Citrus peels (separate to above)
✅ Used coffee grounds
✅ Used loose leaf tea (no tea bags)
✅ Egg shells
✅ Egg cartons
✅ Shredded paper
✅ Lawn clippings (no seeds)
✅ Thin cardboard i.e. cereal boxes
✅ Animal bedding i.e. straw/manure mixtures (no seeds)
✅ Clean dry glass jars with lids (no labels)
We do not accept:
❌ No meat
❌ No dairy
❌ No commercial / bulk drop off without checking prior
🙏 Thank you for helping us to reduce waste! 🙏